Different Types Of Men’s Suits Explained

A suit is a two or three piece clothing that is made up of a jacket and trouser of the same fabric and can be accompanied by a vest or a waistcoat. A man’s wardrobe cannot be complete without a good matching suit since it is the most globally accepted clothing for men when attending to business or unique events. Moreover, the perfect suit is seen to complement a man’s character, reputation and style. There are many types of three piece suit from which anyone can choose from to satisfy their preferred taste. These men suits fall into the following categories;

Single breasted suits


This type of men’s suit has a single-breasted jacket that has only one set of buttons and button holes. The single breasted suit has one, two or three buttons. The single breast suit can be worn with a vest that closely fits the waist length, and that is sleeveless and has no collar. The vest should be made of a similar material or fabric with the suit, and it has to have a V-shape and a silk back. The Single breasted suits that have no flaps on the side are regarded as Italians styled suits, while those with a single flap at the back middle are American styled suits and those with two flaps at the back of the jacket are regarded as British styled suits.

Double breasted suits

This type of suit has two overlapping fronts on the jacket’s body. It is considered ventless as it lacks flaps on the back. It has four to six buttons. It is recognized as the indigenous Italian style suit most worn by tall men to give a more elegant look that is conservative and neatly tailored.

Business suits

As the name connotes, business suits are formal yet stylish suit cut. They occur in sober colors and are designed to fit properly. They are formal and conservative and can be accessorized with the right shirt color, a vest and may be single or double breasted.

Wedding suits

Weddings suits are common for special wedding ceremonies. They vary considerably in silhouettes and cuts. Additionally, the most common fabrics that match wedding suits include; jacquard, velveteen, sheer among other fabrics that are meant for luxury wear. Mostly, the lapels and pockets are distinctive and single, or two buttons are preferred.


Tuxedos are considered to be ultra formal and are considered a stylized ceremonial wear. They are mostly won for red carpet events or top notch corporate events. Most tuxedos have a matching cummerbund that comes with it.

Other suit types


There are many types of men types that are quite different from the others. The special men suits include; dinner suits, lounge suits, Mandarin suits and Zoot suits.